Data Technology

The Sentient Enterprise

How can businesses stay agile and competitive in the face of massive data volumes and a growing need for real-time answers, decisions, and responses? In his new book The Sentient Enterprise, data management executive Oliver Ratzesberger, […]

Data Technology

Hadoop and the Future of Big Data

Data industry guru and analyst John Myers joins Phil Bowermaster for a discussion about the future of big data. Is big data, and Apache Hadoop in particular, experiencing some kind of existential crisis? Has Hadoop […]

Data Technology

The Robot Executive

Phil and Stephen discuss the tremendous career progress that robots seem to be making. Here’s the first demo of Viv, the next-generation AI assistant built by Siri creator The world’s first artificially intelligent lawyer was […]

Accelerating Tech

It’s the End of the Job as We Know It

It’s past time to talk post-employment in a serious way. Is universal basic income the answer? Buckminster Fuller on Employment Rutger Bregman’s ‘Utopia for Realists’ Shows Us Why We Deserve Universal Basic Income VC, Entrepreneur […]

Data Technology

What Do We Do When Machines Start to Think?

Phil and Stephen discuss a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence: IBM’s resistive computing could massively accelerate AI — and get us closer to Asimov’s Positronic Brain From the linked story: Using chips densely packed with […]

Data Technology

Artificial Intelligence Changes Everything

Phil  and Stephen Gordon discuss rapid progress in artificial intelligence and how AI is fundamentally reshaping our world.  Topics include: AI Researchers Solve Go Go champion Lee Se-dol strikes back to beat Google’s DeepMind AI […]

Data Technology

Cars that Run on Data

Phil and Stephen discuss a grab-bag of exciting future-related developments including: How the Tesla Model S got an acceleration boost from a software upgrade over the Internet. How Iron Man is helping deliver on the promise of […]

Data Technology

Your Wish Is Her Command

The Web has been all abuzz about Viv, the new personal assistant agent from the creators of Apple’s Siri. Word is that Viv will be able to do “anything you ask.” Even if that proves to […]

Data Technology

Internet of Things or World Made of Data?

The Internet revolution is the story of an explosion of information and connectivity. We are all producers and consumers of vastly growing datasets. Our lives and our very identities have to a large extent moved […]