It All Starts with Data

Smart Cities, Part 2

Bill Pugh joins host Phil Bowermaster for an in-depth discussion of how smart cities are conceptualized and how smart city initiatives are rolled out.

Bill explains how Smart Cities initiatives began with cities recognizing that they had unused or underused data assets and began looking for ways to use that data to address real-world problems. He also explains why it’s important to start addressing these kinds of issues regionally versus city by city.

Other topics include:

    How do cities decide to place infrastructure in the Cloud vs on the edge?
    How can they best incorporate the smart grid into the overall smart city architecture?
    What are the challenges what are the challenges cities face when it comes to making real improvements regarding traffic and congestion?

Join us.

About Our Guest:

With a background in telecommunications and IT, Bill Pugh is a Managing Partner Smart Connections Consulting, where he provides public and private sector clients technological thought leadership, guidance, and practical support for wired and wireless connected initiatives as well as roadmaps for open data and analytic objectives. Bill has over 25 years of experience in wired/wireless strategy of platform development and deployment of networking technologies for private and public companies. In recent years he has been engaged with cities on strategies for executing Smart City initiatives around Street lights, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic and Security.   

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