Ready for a Great Future (Part 1)

Part 1 Amazing Improvements

What kind of a future are we in for? So-So? Scary? Great? Superfantastic? Phil and Stephen talk with John Palmer about what recent trends tell us about what kind of future we can expect.

Is the world’s future bleak? There is a lot of worry about:

Economic Collapse
Fascism — the “bad people” are going to win (huge fear of both the left and right)

But maybe we’re getting the future wrong. John outlines the biases and the media practices that encourage us to be afraid of the future. But apparently there is another side to the story. Trends around poverty, life expectancy, standards of living, violence and other areas suggest that a very different future may be on its way.

About Our Guest:

John Palmer is a coach and speaker who is passionate about alternative energy, efficient government, and, more recently, generous listening.

Together with his wife Doreen, he manages a coaching business which serves the emotional visions of expatriates returning home from overseas assignments.

John’s driving interest is sharing his passion that humans will continue on the path of creating a fabulous future as long as we keep our focus on creating that future, and not on reporting and regurgitating the seemingly overwhelming problems that we see today.

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