Outshining the Milky Way: Big Developments in the Final Frontier

Phil and Stephen discuss recent developments in space.

Boeing TV Spot, ‘You Just Wait

Nuclear Power Can Make Rocket Engines Twice As Fast

Nuclear thermal rockets could be much more efficient than conventional rockets
A piece of uranium the size of a marble could get us to Mars
Same technology may be used for deep-space missions where solar can’t be exploited very well

Unknown Object Outshines Milky Way Galaxy by 50 Times –“Radiates Energy of 100’s of Billion Suns”

Kepler Mission Transmits Info Of 1,284 New Planets, Is Another Habitable Planet Discovered?

Astronaut becomes first person to wear Star Trek uniform in space

Plus, in Other Geek news…

The ice chest air conditioner.

Formula D Board Game

WT 164-470