The Future of Fit, Best of TWT

Slide1Panelists Brian Wang, PJ Manney, and Shawn Phillips discuss the future of fitness

  • The future of nutrition: vertical farminggenetically modified foodsvat meat, and a computerized nutritionists that resides “onboard”
  • Nutraceuticals” – food as medicine.
  • Smoking: getting the information out about how smoking harms health helped reduce smoking. But the social stigma may have moved done more.
  • A tiered system of nutrition?
  • The disconnect between our buff entertainers and our fat butts.
  • Related documentary: “Bigger, Stronger, Faster.”
  • The promise of Myostatin inhibition.
  • People that are out of shape don’t realize how bad they feel. Feeling bad becomes the new normal.
  • The crappy beta versions of human enhancement that some people are experimenting with today, often to their detriment. When will better enhancements be available?
  • Maybe we need a drug to make us take as much joy out of activity as a five-year-old. For them it’s not exercise… it’s play.

[This show first aired June 30, 2008.]