Predictions 2019

Time to pick some favorites from the many lists of predictions for 2019 now circulating. Phil narrows it down to two lists with a few predictions from each

State of technology in 2019 | Future Forecast

(Hint: not all of these will happen!)

– World’s largest solar park to finish construction
– World’s largest offshore wind farm starts completed
– NASA implements the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management system
– James Webb Space Telescope launched
– Cost of solar panels, per watt, down to $1.40

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World sales of electric vehicles reaches 5,900,000 1
Internet traffic goes through the roof

Recession, Blockchain, Drones and Other Tech Predictions for 2019

2. Blockchain finds a killer (app), and the commercial rush begins

3. 2019 will be the year that commercial drone integration really takes flight

10. Virtual assistants will be common in both B2C and B2B environments

15. Virtual reality applications will grow

Stephen focuses exclusively on space stuff and makes the following predictions for 2019.

– Dragon 2 unmanned test flight
– FH block 5 first launch
– Dragon 2 launch abord test
– Dragon 2 first manned mission
– Starliner unmanned test flight
– Starliner first manned mission
– Starship prototype hopper tests
– Chang’e lunar landing
– SLS static fire tests

Plus he notes two big space developments for 2019 that have already happened.

Close encounter with Ultima Thule
Chinese probe on dark side of the moon

Plus 2019 shows that the future is finally shaping up!

Announcement of the world’s first jetpack racing league

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