Digital Reality: Proof We’re Living in a Simulation

Proof We’re Living in a Simulation

Digital Consciousness with Jim Elvidge, Part 1

Jim Elvidge joins us for a three-part discussion of his new book, Digital Consciousness. In Part 1, Jim outlines the scientific evidence that the universe is digital. Sound crazy? There is a lot more evidence than you might suspect!

Topics discussed include:

  • Is the universe continuous or discrete?
  • Why simulation arguments are consistent with technological evolution.
  • Why simulation best explains the fine-tuning of the universe.
  • How science is coming to the conclusion that matter is composed mostly of information.
  • How math equations may actually be driving reality.
  • How a digital model of reality solves a number of mysteries:
    • Who or what is the prime mover?
    • What accounts for the randomness of physical processes?
    • How to best explain quantum probability functions?
    • Why is the speed of light what it is?

Join us!

About our guest:

Jim Elvidge has applied his training in the high-tech world as a leader in technology and enterprise management, including many years in executive roles for various companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and leadership consulting. Jim also has years of experience as a science researcher, keeping pace with the latest developments in such fields as quantum physics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and metaphysical anomalies. This knowledge base provided the foundation for 2008 book, “The Universe-Solved!,” which presented evidence that our reality may be under programmed control. His research and theory has continued beyond the simulation hypothesis and incorporated powerful ideas around consciousness, cultural synchronicities, quantum anomalies, and a true scientific foundation for digital consciousness theory.

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