What Will Things Be Like in Five Years?

Slide1Phil and Stephen review predictions for the year 2022 and make a few of their own.

IBM just posted 5 predictions about what life will be like in 2022

1. Thanks to AI, our speech will be a window into our mental health

2. Superhero vision will be possible with AI and powerful new devices

3. ‘Macroscopes’ will help us understand Earth’s complexity in infinite detail

4. ‘Labs on a chip’ will revolutionise medicine

5. Smart sensors will detect environmental pollution faster than ever

The Singularity is nearer: AI is learning to predict the future

Related: Jeff Hawkins’s book On Intelligence lays out a thesis that intelligence basically means the ability to make predictions

Scientists create new life form in a lab, altering the fundamentals of DNA

Scientists have announced that they have created living organisms using an expanded genetic code. That could in turn lead to the creation of entirely new lifeforms, using combinations of DNA that couldn’t possible have existed before.

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