World Transformed Book Update

VisionsBig news: The World Transformed Book is finished and will be available soon as a kindle eBook via Amazon.


Phil and Stephen discuss

  • What’s the book?
  • How it started
  • New title: Visions for a World Transformed
  • What took so long?
    • (Phil explains.)
  • What’s in it?


PLUS Phil and Stephen discuss interesting scenarios from the book, including:

  • An explanation of why humanity needs to stop getting used to things sucking
  • (Related:Thoughts on why everybody needs to lighten up,)
  • How amusement parks can play a critical role in settling the moon
  • How self-driving cars will kill a lot of people – and why we should switch to them as soon as possible
  • Why we need prizes for acceleration


ALSO: Big plans for the book?

We’ve got some!


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