The Semi-Automated Economy

Slide1Phil and Stephen continue their discussion with strategy expert Will Brown, exploring what role there might be for human workers in an increasingly automated world.


Neanderpundit — selected readings:

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Will AI soon replace even the most advanced consultants?

In her book, A Crack In Creation, Jennifer Doudna makes clear that the technical capability required to perform gene editing is within the realm of a typical high school chemistry students capabilities.



will brown 2About Our Guest:

Futurist and strategy guru Will Brown is a newly enlisted member in the ranks of the gainfully unemployed, otherwise known as retirement. As such he anticipates many future opportunities to speculate about issues without the distraction of employment getting in the way. In other words, he has no idea what comes next, but he’s confident he’ll have something to say about it. Will is a co-author of Visions for a World Transformed. He blogs at Where There’s a William.

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