Thomas Frey and the Future of Retail

Slide1World-renowned futurist Thomas Frey joins Phil and Stephen in a discussion of the future of retail.

  • What comes after the shopping mall?
  • Is transitory and even mobile retail the future of shopping?
  • Will windshields and tires replace brick and mortar?
  • How will future retail experiences by tailored to the shoppers wants and needs?
  • What role will virtual reality and augmented reality technologies play?

Tune in and explore!

About our Guest

Thomas Frey has been called both the “father of invention” and the “dean of Futurists” He writes and speaks on topics related to the future for both the private and public sector all over the world and is frequently featured in major media outlets as one of the leading thinkers about the future, how it will impact us, and how we can prepare for it.



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