Humanity and Transcendence

Futurists Samantha Atkins and PJ Manney join Phil and Stephen  to discuss whether there is anything truly new in the movement known as “transhumanism.” Was there ever a time when humanity wasn’t striving to transcend its current state?

Perhaps we’ll find that we have always lived in the future.

If so — how is the situation any different today? What exactly is the difference between a human and a “trans” human?

Tune in and explore!

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About our Guests:

Samantha Atkins is a software architect, a futurist, and a transhumanist. Much of her professional work is in the area of persistent and distributed systems.  She is also is a budding entrepreneur currently bootstrapping a startup to make people effectively smarter. She has an avid interest in Artificial Intelligence, Longevity, and Intelligence Augmentation.

Samantha also runs a transhumanist group in Second Life with weekly meetings on current technological trends and research in nanotech, biotech, energy, computation, cognitive science, economics and other current situation indicators and what can be done to move us toward the future we desire. She is especially focused on envisioning the future we wish to inhabit and on what it will take to manifest this future, especially in the critical nexus of the next few decades.

PJ Manney is a writer and futurist. She is the former chair of the World Transhumanist Association — an organization whose name she helped change. She has also been a frequent guest, sometimes host and the official hollywood correspondent for this program.



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