Unlocking the Goddess Code

Visions for a World Transformed co-author Radhaa Nilia joins Phil and Stephen to discuss global happiness, fMRI-generated mental super-powers, and how getting in touch with the goddess within might just be what each of us […]

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Isolating the Electron, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D discuss controlling quantum states of electrons for computing and other breakthroughs. Researchers have controlled the position of a single electron in a silicon circuit. An international team of researchers has […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Non-Zero Probability

What are the chances that you would ever have existed? That any of this would be happening right now? The odds against you and your life were worse than you can possibly imagine. And yet here you […]

Exploring Possibilities

Space Colonization Made Affordable

Brian Wang joins Phil and Stephen to talk about building relatively low-cost human settlements in low earth orbit. Spacex will begin deploying low cost mass produced internet satellites starting in 2019 SpaceX said it plans […]

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Electricity — the Ultimate Flex Fuel, Best of TWT

Special guests Tobias Buckell and Suraya Yahaya Bowermaster join Phil and Stephen to discuss a variety of technology and future-related topics. Suraya Yahaya on how to avoid being ripped off when buying consumer electronics, and […]


The Silent Singularity, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D. discuss the the silent singularity and a wide range of other futuristic topics. The 100th anniversary of the Tunguska event. Movie reviews: Hancock and Wall-e Brian Wang’s Mundane Singularity How […]

Accelerating Tech

Anti-Aging Gets Real

Phil and Stephen discuss encouraging trends in developing treatments to combat aging One of China’s Top Investors Just Put $25 Million Into a US Anti-Aging Company ChromaDex, the natural products company behind an anti-aging compound […]

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The Future of Fit, Best of TWT

Panelists Brian Wang, PJ Manney, and Shawn Phillips discuss the future of fitness The future of nutrition: vertical farming, genetically modified foods, vat meat, and a computerized nutritionists that resides “onboard” “Nutraceuticals” – food as medicine. Smoking: getting […]

Accelerating Tech

CRISPR and the New Biotech Revolution

Phil and Stephen discuss medical breakthroughs enabled by the new gene “word processor,’ CRISPR CRISPR and the Dawn of the New Biotech Revolution CRISPR genome editing will transform biotechnology and our lives in the next […]

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The Future of Fun, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D. talk about the future of fun. Will our fun future be jeopardized by peak oil? Will we allow ourselves to enjoy the great future once it gets here? Or will we obsess more […]

Accelerating Tech

Airships to Orbit

Phil and Stephen discuss sending lighter than air craft into orbit via slow acceleration Can Giant Airships Accelerate To Orbit (JP Aerospace’s Idea)? Their airships would be constructed and inflated at an altitude of 140,000 […]

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Speculist Essentials, Best of TWT

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D. discuss “Speculist Essentials.” What have been the key influences towards developing our unusual outlook on the future? Each host plus audience members named one item in each of the following […]