500 Shows and Going Strong

Phil and Stephen reflect on 11 years of podcasting with their 500th show.

Questions to be addressed:

Why do you do this show? Some possible answers:

  1. We’re going to track this stuff anyway
  2. It’s fun
  3. It’s interesting
  4. We want to understand it better
  5. Need to be a part of what’s happening

What are you trying to prove?

The guys discuss the the many indications that their future is closing in on us much faster than most people suspect. Rather than stand by and watch it happen, they have decided to become participants.

WT 191-500


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Phil Bowermaster is a nationally recognized author and speaker. He has more than 25 years experience writing about emerging technologies and the future. As co-host of the popular Internet radio series, The World Transformed, Phil has talked with leading scientists and technologists, best-selling authors, philosophers, filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs and others who are shaping our understanding of the amazing era of transformation in which we live. Phil helps leaders and their organizations develop strategies for managing accelerating change. He shows how imagination, optimism, empathy, and humor can make all the difference in both understanding and making the most of the powerful currents of change we face.