Hadoop and the Future of Big Data

Data industry guru and analyst John Myers joins Phil Bowermaster for a discussion about the future of big data. Is big data, and Apache Hadoop in particular, experiencing some kind of existential crisis? Has Hadoop “failed us?”

John describes how the crisis may be one of mismatched expectations, explaining that Hadoop is free in the same way that free puppy is free. Moreover, while Hadoop addresses the addresses the major challenges of the big data era, it does not automatically solve the myriad other data management problems that data warehouse and database systems have been addressing for years.

So is Hadoop over, or is it just getting started? And what does the future of Hadoop have to tell us about the future of big data, and therefore the future of everything else?

Tune in and explore.

JohnMyersAbout Our Guest

John Myers has nearly 20 years of experience in areas related to business analytics and business intelligence in professional services, sales consulting, product management, industry analysis and research. He has helped organizations to solve their analytics problems whether they related to operational platforms such as customer care or billing; applied analytical applications, such as revenue assurance or fraud management. Established thought leadership in emerging data management paradigms such as Big Data (combination of multi-structured and relational data sets) applications and NoSQL access data stores.

John is a frequent contributor to industry publications including Search Business Analytics, Inside Analysis and Information Management. He speaks internationally on the topics of telecom analytics, data virtualization and Big Data. John has been previously named as one of the Top 100 Big Data Influencers. He is a Managing Research Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics Practice with EMA.

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