Fast Forward: Data in Context

Opportunities and challenges in the post Big Data era

In this edition of Fast Forward on the World Transformed, Jake Freivald, Vice President of Product Marketing at Information Builders, talks with us about how rethinking data integration can open up new possibilities for data analysis.

As the buzz surrounding big data recedes, organizations find that they still face significant challenges when it comes to deriving business value from their data. More than ever, businesses need a clear understanding that comes from exploring the deep relationships that exist in their full datasets. But organizations continue to struggle to achieve that, and many are left wondering what lies beyond the big data hype.

It’s now been four years since Gartner removed Big Data from their annual Hype Cycle. With the advantage of hindsight, Jake describes how Hadoop in particular and big data in general may have failed to live up to the hype. At the same time, he points out there is a lot to be said for what organizations have done right when it comes to putting big data solutions in place.

Jake identifies three core questions:

• How can we stop wasting so much time mapping one set of rows and columns to another?
• How do we address the disconnect between business people and technicians?
• How much value do we lose by constantly shifting context in these complicated projects?

In the post Big Data World, businesses are still dealing with many of the same fundamental data challenges they always have. But today, new technologies are opening up a modern approach to data integration and master data management. Tremendous opportunities lie ahead. Let’s explore!

About Our Guest

Jake Freivald is the Vice President of Product Marketing for Information Builders (, a data and analytics company based in New York City. He uses his twenty-plus years of technical and marketing experience to write, blog, and present about data management, big data, analytics, digital transformation, and other topics that highlight the tight connection between business and data.

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