Closing in on Cancer

Phil and Stephen review three recent news stories showing the remarkable rapid progress being made in treating (and curing?) cancer.

New Australian drug puts cancer cells permanently to ‘sleep’

Scientists in Melbourne say they have discovered a new type of anti-cancer drug without the usual side effects of conventional cancer treatments. —

HPV vaccine eliminates advanced skin cancer in 97-year-old

A 97-year-old female patient had developed multiple cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas. On a hunch, her doctor, Anna Nichols, M.D., of the University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, tried an unorthodox approach—she injected each tumor with Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. The result: All the tumors completely and rapidly disappeared. —

CAR-T May Be a Silver Bullet Against Cancer—and Here’s What Else It Can Do

Without doubt, CAR-T is set to overhaul cancer therapy. Last year several variants of the immunocellular technique earned the FDA’s nod of approval for blood cancers; with big pharma pouring in billions to develop the technology, more are certainly to come. —

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