Waiving the Flag

Phil and Stephen discuss First Man. Was “Waiving” the American flag the right choice?

New Film About Neil Armstrong Omits  American Flag From Moon Landing

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling, who portrays Armstrong in the movie, told The Telegraph the flag was omitted from the moon landing because the achievement of humans walking on the moon “transcended countries and borders.”

“First Man” omits flag – rather than boycott, Stephen is going to Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show it.

“I hear the film’s otherwise great, so I’m carrying my own flag I’ll wave at the appropriate moment.”

Does it matter whether they show the flag planting?

Would they make a film about Yuri Gagarin and omit to mention the nationalistic importance of his mission?

Gagarin’s accomplishment belongs not to the Soviet Union but to all humanity.

Same is true of Armstrong’s. The planners of the Apollo mission knew this and the plaque reads “We came in peace for all mankind.”

Still, it’s seems a likely reason for leaving the flag out of the Armstrong movie is to appeal to audiences who don’t care for the U. S.

Critical question: Would Neil Armstrong go see this movie? Phil has the answer.

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