Thomas Frey and the Future of Wealth

Slide1Thomas Frey joins Phil and Stephen in a discussion about the future of wealth.

First off, a story with a provocative title

You are Richer than John D. Rockefeller

This raises some interesting questions:

Would you trade your lifestyle today for Rockefeller’s 1917 lifestyle?

Would you trade your lifestyle today for the lifestyle of someone at the bottom of the economic stack 100 years from now?

Would it make a difference if you could SEE that future first?

Next we have the concept of demonetization from Peter Diamandis

Demonetized Cost of Living

Diamandis talks about early efforts to implement Basic Income, then raises an interesting question: will such schemes be necessary on a large scale if everything is free?

Related, we have been talking with Brian Wang of Next Big Future about his idea for Basic Power to lift the developing world out of poverty.

Diamandis specifically talks about the demonetization of basic lifestyle stuff:


Could these all ever become free?
Or will they just be massively cheaper than they are today?

Plus: Thomas  joins the guys for a very special OTHER GEEK!


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