Outrageous Optimism

Phil and Stephen celebrate their 800th (!) podcast by making the case for Outrageous Optimism. Now more than ever, we need to be pushing the limits of the possible.

Reduction in Poverty

Will we one day all be rich, or is that just an outrageously optimistic fantasy?

Expansion of Lifespan

Will we soon live much longer (and be disease-free) or is that just an outrageously optimistic fantasy?

Is there anything we can do about diseases as a category?

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg aim to ‘cure, prevent and manage’ all disease
Metformin for Protection Against Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Heart Disease?

One bold idea — one outrageously optimistic idea — may do more to end suffering from disease than anything that’s come before.

From the moon landing to the autonomous car — the outrageous optimists have been right! Maybe now it’s time for all of us to begin embracing their approach to the world.

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