Mysteries, Paradoxes, and Uncertainty

Mysteries abound. Why does the word behave the way it does? Social Media — technology that should be making us happier and connecting us is making us miserable and driving us apart. What gives?

More jobs exist than there are people out of work. But still we have the depression, opiate crisis, and angst discussed in recent shows. What gives?

Autonomous vehicles may save thousands of lives. And they may be the economic death of cities.

Autonomous Vehicles Might Drive Cities to Financial Ruin

The world grows richer through trade, yet we are seeing a revival of protectionist tendencies… at least here in the US.

Robots may start taking our jobs. One day soon we may live in a post-scarcity society. But there is not path from here to there, nor is anyone talking about one — except for advocates of basic income. What gives?

What should we do in the face of all these perplexing puzzles? Next time.

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