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Smart Cities, Part 1

In this edition of Fast Forward, Frannie Mattews, CEO of the Colorado Technology Association, joins us to discuss the many ways that Smart City technologies are transforming transportation, the workplace, and the communities in which we live. This show is Part 1 in our new ongoing series on Smart Cities. 

How will smart cities impact the economy and quality of life of the communities where they are  deployed? And what is the human impact of these technologies? Kicking off the discussion with us is Frannie Matthews, CEO of Colorado Technology Association (CTA).  

What is a Smart City? The answers vary, from the highly abstract and theoretical to the completely practical. Most definitions include the idea of making use of data to improve government services, quality of life, and basic infrastructure. Smart City deployments are heavily dependent on the Internet of Things (IOT) and a new class of smart devices. Such  technologies can make cities cleaner, safer, more energy efficient, and less congested.

But there are trade-offs . What new risks do we incur by giving our data over to Smart Cities applications? Our we making it easier for Big Brother to watch us? How do we balance the benefits and risks?

About Our Guest

Frannie Matthews is CEO of the Colorado Technology Association (CTA). Prior to joining CTA, Frannie spent 18 years with IBM, where she was the IBM Senior Location Executive for Denver. As sales leader for the western region, Frannie was responsible for public sector, healthcare, and life sciences, plus she has significant leadership experience working with higher education, state and local government, healthcare, and telecommunications. Additionally, she has expertise in the areas of SaaS, cloud, analytics, high-performance computing, mobile, social, and security solutions.

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