New Capabilities, New Risks

New technologies bring unintended consequences and often unexpected risks. A new method of treatment introduces a whole new category of risk:

Could genome sequencing in healthy persons create “sick patients for life”? 

It was also found that in 2 of the 11 cases diagnosed as carriers, the doctor had misinterpreted the genetic information. The lead study author, Jason Vassy, says that: “Sequencing healthy individuals will inevitably reveal new findings for that individual, only some of which will have actual health implications. This study provides some reassuring evidence that primary care providers can be trained to manage their patients’ sequencing results appropriately”.

New technologies always bring new risks. The threat of EMP attack is predicated on the fact that our modern, electrified, connected world provides so many benefits

Solar Storm of 1859 – didn’t hurt us much because…1859.

What other new risks are emerging technologies going to introduce?

Possible categories:

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Virtual Reality

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