Past Performance: Why Failed Ideas Succeed Later

A decade and a half ago, WebVan, a same-day grocery delivery service, crashed and burned in what was probably the most spectacular failure of the original dot-com bust. Many lessons were learned from the Webvan story, but were they the right lessons? Today Amazon, Wal-Mart and others are scaling up same-day delivery while a company like Deliv might just be the next Uber.

What happened? What changed?

Phil and Stephen explore some of the possible differences between the world of WebVan and our world by looking at some interesting current news items:

Consider Pitching A “Virtual Startup” To Your Boss

How successful people work less—and get more done

Nest CEO Tony Fadell on the Future of the Internet

In 2025, IKEA Thinks Your Kitchen Will Include Drones

Wait, what does any of this have to do with same-day delivery?

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