Exploring Possibilities

Life Discovered in Space

What are these mysterious organisms living on the hull of the International Space Station? How did they get there? And how can they survive in space? Is this evidence that life on Earth originated elsewhere? Or […]

Data Technology

Your Wish Is Her Command

The Web has been all abuzz about Viv, the new personal assistant agent from the creators of Apple’s Siri. Word is that Viv will be able to do “anything you ask.” Even if that proves to […]

Accelerating Tech

A Tale of Two Engines

What’s more impressive: a proposed engine that could power neighborhoods (and even individual residences) or one that could potentially take us to the stars? The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Engine technology is closely […]

Exploring Possibilities

It’s Inevitable!

We look at a lot of scenarios for what might happen in the future — cool technological developments, major advances in science, new evolutionary developments for humans and for other species on this planet — but are […]