Amazing Engineering: Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Everything

Phil and Stephen present a roundup of amazing news stories showcasing big steps forward in engineering.

Augmented Reality Market Worth 117.40 Billion USD and Virtual Reality Market worth 33.90 Billion USD by 2022

Nanomaterials could double efficiency of solar cells by converting waste heat into usable energy

China Unveils Elevated Bus That Passes Over Cars on the Highway

Face controlled wheelchair without sensor mounted on face

Airless Tires Make Flats A Thing Of The Past. You Don’t Have To Worry About Bad Roads Ever Again!

Scientists Use Lasers To Regrow Teeth From Stem Cells

Imagine if a trip to the dentist to treat a cavity didn’t involve a filling, root canal, or crown. What if a simple light treatment could actually get your teeth to regrow themselves using stem cells? That’s the aim of a group of researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute, led by David Mooney, who have found success in regrowing rat teeth in this manner.

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