Youth: Wasted on the Wrong People

Slide1Phil and Stephen review  recent anbti-aging news from the standpoint of the elderly.

Is This the Anti-Aging Pill We’ve All Been Waiting For?

A drug derived from an Easter Island bacterium extends the life of lab animals. People could be next.

Cellular Reprogramming Rejuvenates Old Mice and Boosts Lifespans 30%

Using a process designed to “reprogram” normal adult cells into pluripotent stem cells—cells that can transform into many different kinds of cells—researchers have managed to boost the life spans of mice by up to 30% and rejuvenate some of their tissues.

Amplicell Stem Cell Banking

What if you knew that you could store your own cells so that one day, if you ever needed them, they would be available to repair such common things as joint pain, heart disease, stroke, respiratory conditions, bladder and pelvic inflammatory conditions, erectile dysfunction, renal failure, deadly untreatable neurologic conditions, fibromyalgia, results from athletic or military trauma including concussions, and perhaps even extend life by slowing the aging process. Trials are starting soon that use a person’s own stem cells to carry cancer killing biologic agents directly into cancer tissue to destroy the tumors.

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18 Again

It’s a Wonderful Life


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