How Old Are You, Really?

Phil and Stephen discuss how artificial intelligence might help to add years to our lives.

AI Scientists Via Their ‘Aging Clock’ May Have Discovered How To Rewind Our Biological Clocks

A group of scientists who study Artificial Intelligence (AI) say they’ve come up with a process that can not only measure biological age, but tell you whether you will live longer or die younger than other people your age, and how to increase your odds that you will do the former.

Early days, but this is an important step towards detaching chronological age from biological age.

One day there will be little or no correspondence. Someone apparently in their 20’s may be chronologically older than someone who looks like and has all the aging markers of someone in their 80’s.

Like in Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, people will have a preferred “apparent” age

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