Energy Unlimited with J Storrs Hall, Part 2

Slide1Phil and Stephen continue their discussion with J. Storrs (Josh) Hall. How do nuclear power, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence hold the key to a future of unlimited energy?

Josh is an independent scientist and author. His is the author of  Beyond AI: Creating the Conscience of the Machine, which details the (possibly) imminent development of strong AI, and the desirability, if and when that happens, that such AIs be equipped with a moral sense and conscience.

He is also the author of Nanofuture, dealing with real nanotechnology, i.e. molecular machines.

He was the founder and moderator of the sci.nanotech newsgroup for a decade.

He is known as the originator of the Utility Fog concept.

He is a proponent of replacing roads and internal combustion vehicles with flying cars.

Most recently, Josh has been working on a book about flying cars and has recently received his pilot’s license.

Listen to part 1 here .

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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