Future Wealth: Universal Basic Income and Alternatives

Phil and Stephen discuss variations on the idea of Universal Basic Income

What is UBI?

IGP’s Social Prosperity Network publishes the UK’s first report on Universal Basic Services

Building on the ethos that saw the establishment of the NHS and public education – that essential services should be free at the point of need – the plan would “raise the floor” of basic services all citizens can expect, providing better protection for workers in the face of rapid advances in technology and automation.

To fix income inequality, we need more than UBI—we need Universal Basic Assets

Assets aren’t just cars and money: They’re the primary resources that people can leverage to generate income. Ownership or access to assets—such as equity shares, certain types of land, education, and social connections—is what gives people the foundation to generate an income and therefore create more wealth.

Brian Wang’s Basic Power

Universal basic infrastructure as an alternative to UBI?

Post Scarcity

Post-scarcity is an economic theory in which most goods can be produced in great abundance with minimal human labor needed, so that they become available to all very cheaply or even freely.



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