The World Transformed 2 on FastForward Radio

Starting June 29, 2011 FastForward Radio presents The World Transformed 2. We’ll be talking to 30 futurists, visionaries, and otherwise fascinating people in an attempt to assemble a better picture of the major transformations to our world that are occurring now (or are likely to occur soon.) The format will include both panel discussions and one-on-one interviews. This is a follow-up to our ground-breaking 2009 series, The World Transformed, which provided a basic introduction to these topics. This time out we’re hoping for a more in-depth exploration of how these changes will impact us as individuals — as well as how they will impact us as a civilization and as a species.

Each participant in the series will be asked to consider the following questions in relation to the particular transformation under discussion:

The core questions about each transformation:

Why should we be concerned about this transformation?
What should we be doing as individuals?
What should we be doing at a societal level?

The core questions for each participant:

If you were to pick just one current or coming transformation that you would advise people to focus on, which one would that be?

What should we be doing about it?
What’s in it for us if we get it right?
What are the risks if we don’t?