What Will We Do with all the Old People?

Phil and Stephen discuss some interesting recent developments related to life extension.

An anti-aging startup hopes to elude the U.S. Food and Drug

The product contains a chemical precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, a compound that cells use to carry out metabolic reactions like releasing energy from glucose. The compound is believed cause some effects similar to a diet that is severely short on calories—a proven way to make a mouse live longer.

First human to be made younger via gene therapy?

Could gene therapy help you live forever? CEO of controversial firm claims she has successfully carried out first anti-ageing treatment – on herself. Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva, has been using therapies for 6 months. She says the therapy was able to reverse 20 years of telomere shortening.

How Increasing Longevity Will Shape Our World

One gnawing problem, the panelists said, is in the workplace. Few U.S. employers are finding creative ways to keep and nurture their older workers.

Freedman and Fried hope to see more older Americans using their longevity bonus to aid children who could use mentoring and assistance.

Plus: Phil and Stephen provide their own thoughts on what to do with all the old people.

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