Will We Ever Upload? WT014

Special guests Ben Goertzel and David Pearce join Phil and Stephen to examine the question of mind uploading.

Is the human mind ultimately a sophisticated piece of software that will one day be translated to run on another platform — namely, a computer? Will human beings be able to upload their memories, their personalities, and their ongoing subjective experience to a machine substrate?

These questions have been hotly debated of late with prominent figures taking a stand both against and for.

Who to believe? Tune in for answers!

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About Out Guests
David Pearce is a vegan activist and author of The Hedonistic Imperative(1995), an online manifesto urging the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world. In 1998. he co-founded with Nick Bostrom The World Transhumanist Association (H+). Transhumanists believe in using technology to overcome our biological limitations.
Dr. Ben Goertzel is the Chief Scientist of Aidyia Limited, a  Hong Kong based company using AI technology for financial prediction. He is the leading researcher in the area of AI called “Artificial General Intelligence” or AGI, and leads the OpenCog open source AGI nitiative.   Currently he is working with David Hanson to use OpenCog to control intelligent humanoid robots.   He also works on applications of AI to life extension biology.   He has written over a dozen books and over a hundred papers on his research; and has been active in the futurist movement, with roles at Singularity University and  Humanity+ …