Adjacent Realities: Crossing the Line

We are all realized possibilities.

Before you existed, before you became a part of reality, you were a possibility — and a very remote possibility at that. As we have explored in earlier posts and podcasts, 1,000 years ago, the chances that you would ever exist were infinitesimal. Heck, even a couple of years before you were born, the odds were not great. (And by “not great,” I mean less than the chance that you might win a big Lotto jackpot.) You are a vastly improbable being. We all are.

But luckily, improbable does not mean impossible. We each owe our very existence to the fact that unlikely outcomes do occur. If the vastly unlikely possibility of my existence can be achieved, other unlikely outcomes can be achieved.

What’s the difference between, real, possible, and impossible? What’s the difference between probability and reality?

Let’s explore.

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