Arguing (and Agreeing) with Elon

Phil and Stephen provide a reality check on some recent seemingly outrageous statements about the future by Elon Musk.

Will we really be on Mars in less than a decade? Are we really just two years away from fully autonomous cars? Are we really living in a computer simulation?

Elon Musk Just Made These 5 Bold Claims About the Future

Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in some advanced civilization’s video game

Elon Musk goes on a ‘machines building machines’ rant about the future of manufacturing

Other Geek

Stephen discusses Onitama:

A chess-lite game played on a 5×5 grid (instead of an chess 8×8).  And, instead of pieces having assigned moves (like bishop always moves diagonally) the available ways a piece can move are dictated by cards.  You have two cards in hand to choose from.  There’s a card “on deck” about to come into your hand.   You can use those cards to move any of your pieces.

“We love it because it took about 5 minutes to learn, it takes about 10 minutes to play.  But the depth is amazing.  We could play for years – getting better all along.”.

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