Ending Poverty: Multiple Approaches

Brian Wang joins hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon to check in on his concept of basic power — a plan to provide solar energy to the world’s poorest people.

Then the guys review some other potential anti-poverty programs to see how they relate to basic power, including:

Ikea’s plan to lift 200,000 refugees out of poverty via employment.

The new wind turbine that costs aboput the same as an iPhone but that can power a single house — forever.

The new solar-powered device than can draw three liters of water directly from the air each day.

Are these ideas competitive or complementary? Tune in and explore.

About Our Guest:

Brian Wang (MBA)  is a  business oriented futurist and writer of over 20000 articles on nextbigfuture.com. Where he has provided in-depth coverage and analysis of emerging and disruptive technology and trends.Brian-Wang-sm

* He has provided annual reviews of developments in nanotechnology to Singularity University

* He has worked with the Institute for the Future to help advise the city of Hong Kong on their future development

* He has given a TEDx lecture on Energy.

He has also advised and lectured at large corporations on Artificial Intelligence and automation and robotics.

Plus Brian is a contributor to our new book: Visions for a World Transformed

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