The Declaration of Amazing 2016

Phil and Stephen review the Declaration of Singularity and amazing stories that indicate we will probably be making it sooner than some might expect.

The Declaration of Singularity

A reminder of why we fight!

Chisels to Genes: How We’ll Soon Grow What We Used to Build

Jason Kelly, founder of Gingko Bioworks, said that the company plans to create new species of bacteria whose purpose is to make a particular chemical. For example, a French fragrance company has commissioned Gingko Bioworks to grow rose oil (in a bacteria) so they don’t have to squeeze it from flower petals.

Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed to Kill You—Deal With It

A terribly misleading headline! It should read: “Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed to Kill You—And Here’s Why That Isn’t a Problem.”

Or better yet: “Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed to Kill You—And That’s Totally Amazing.”

Elon musk open AI

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