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  • Exploring Possibilities

    Predictions 2019

    Time to pick some favorites from the many lists of predictions for 2019 now circulating. Phil narrows it down to two lists with a few predictions from each State of technology in 2019 | Future [...]
  • Exploring Possibilities

    2018 Year in Review

    2018 Year in Review Phil and Stephen explain that so much good stuff happened in 2018 that it’s impossible to recap. You have to just push on and report additional good news that you missed [...]
  • Fast Forward

    Fast Forward: Data to the Rescue

    In this edition of Fast Forward, author, consultant, and executive advisor Jill Dyché talks about her non-profit Outta the Cage, which is dedicated to identifying animals at risk for euthanasia in high-kill shelters and ultimately [...]
  • Better All the Time

    Better All the Time: Designer Babies

    It was big news a couple weeks ago when a Chinese scientist claimed to have genetically modified two twin baby girls to make them resistant to the HIV virus. Did he really do it? Will [...]
  • Fast Forward

    Fast Forward: How Customers Buy

    …and why they don’t. In this edition of FastForward, Martyn Lewis talks with us about one of the biggest challenges that businesses face today: understanding the buying behavior of their customers. In an online, always-on, [...]
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Relentless Improvement

by Phil in Accelerating Tech Comments Off on Relentless Improvement

How do we get to the future we want? So far we have discussed Outrageous Optimism and Audacious Action, which together can bring about disruptive change. But what about incremental change? Wouldn’t that be better, [...]
  • Home Ownership: Changing the Story

    Nate Gruendemann, a founder of Board Private Bank, outlines a plan for leveling the playing field for potential home-buyers. In today’s market, cash buyers have a big advantage over those who need to secure financing. [...]
  • All Time Great Summer Movies

    What were the greatest summer movies ever made? Or maybe it’s better to ask, what was the greatest movie summer of all time? It’s a full-on geekout as Phil and Stephen explore answers to these [...]
  • Young, Thin, and Healthy

    Phil and Stephen discuss medical breakthroughs that promise to help us all stay young, thin, and healthy. The ‘Big Bang’ of Alzheimer’s: Scientists ID genesis of disease, focus efforts on shape-shifting tau Scientists have discovered [...]
  • The End of Data Modeling?

    When it comes to managing data for modern, agile environments, is data modeling a roadblock? Or is it, in fact, one of the keys to achieving agility? If traditional data modeling will no longer support [...]
  • Flat Earth — Are People Getting Dumber?

    Are more people subscribing to the idea that the Earth is flat? How does flat Earth relate to other conspiracies: 9/11 Lizardoid aliens controlling the earth Mandela Effect Have these all been enabled by the [...]
  • When Everybody Is Super

    Thoughts on the Incredibles and the Incredibles 2: do these movies value being “naturally” super over technological advancement? The Incredibles movies have a weird relationship with technology But there’s another, subtler thread running through the [...]
  • Reopening the Web

    Does the Web ned reopening? Let’s start with one more thought from Survival of the Richest: Of course, it wasn’t always this way. There was a brief moment, in the early 1990s, when the digital [...]