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  • Entertainment

    Waiving the Flag

    Phil and Stephen discuss First Man. Was “Waiving” the American flag the right choice? New Film About Neil Armstrong Omits  American Flag From Moon Landing Hollywood star Ryan Gosling, who portrays Armstrong in the movie, [...]
  • Exploring Possibilities

    The Man Who Saved the World

    Phil and Stephen discuss the signficicance of one man’s action (or rather inaction) 35 years ago. Did Stanislav Petrov save the world Stanislav Petrov, ‘The Man Who Saved The World,’ Dies At 77 Stanislav Petrov [...]
  • Abundance

    Ready for Great Future (Part 2)

    Part 2 A World of Abundance Phil and Stephen wrap up their week with special guest John Palmer with a discussion of where the next big positive changes may be coming from. John outlines major [...]
  • Abundance

    Ready for a Great Future (Part 1)

    Part 1 Amazing Improvements What kind of a future are we in for? So-So? Scary? Great? Superfantastic? Phil and Stephen talk with John Palmer about what recent trends tell us about what kind of future [...]
  • Climate

    Global Cooling

    Phil and Stephen welcome special guest John Palmer to discuss unexpected solutions to climate change. John reviews some our-of-the-box ideas related to: Energy & transportation Land Use Materials Buildings and Cities Women and Girls For [...]
In the Spotlight

Does Death Make Us Human?

by Phil in Climate Comments Off on Does Death Make Us Human?

Phil and Stephen discuss the question — is death integral to our humanity? They start with a look at a recent opinion piece at The New York Times: Life Is Short. That’s the Point. “Our [...]
  • Adjacent Realities: The Fourth Wall

    Most of us like to think that reality is something that human beings can comprehend. And, more to the point, we tend to think that we personally are among those who have a pretty good [...]
  • Is Something Killing All the Aliens?

    Is it possible that we never met any aliens because somebody killed them all? Or might it be that one day WE will kill them all? Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will Probably Kill Them [...]
  • Is Social Media Killing Us?

    Is social media killing us? If so, how do we fix it? Correlation is not causation, but still there is a huge correlation between rising depression rates and the ascendancy of social media. For example, [...]
  • Closer Than We Think

    Are breakthrough technologies progressing faster than we think? Phil and Stephen review three recent news items that indicate they may be. Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought Siphoning carbon dioxide [...]
  • Frickin’ Lasers! (Save the Universe)

    Frickin’ Lasers Save the Universe Lasers Could Make Computers 1 Million Times Faster Phil and Stephen discuss two recent examples of the amazing potential of lasers to change everything. Lasers Could Make Computers 1 Million [...]
  • Beyond MoneyBall: Sports Analytics and the Real World

    In this edition of FastForward, Dave Schrader talks with us about the unexpected relationship between business analytics and sports analytics. What does the world of sports have to teach us about doing business in the [...]
  • Gold From Thin Air

    High-quality carbon nanotubes made from carbon dioxide in the air break the manufacturing cost barrier “The most valuable material ever sold” Carbon nanotubes are super-materials that can be stronger than steel and more conductive than [...]