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  • Exploring Possibilities

    Yanny, Laurel, and the Mandela Effect

    Why would the the Yanny-Laurel phenomenon tell us anything about the Mandela Effect? They have nothing in common! Or do they? Let’s start with a quick recap: Mandela Effect Yanny-Laurel Of course, Yanny-Laurel relates to [...]
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Is AI the Biggest Thing Ever?

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai certainly seems to think so. Artificial intelligence could be our saviour, according to the CEO of Google AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think [...]
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Five Myths About A.I.

    Even when he’s not on the show with us, futurist Thomas Frey provides us with lots of interesting subject matter for discussion. His folks at Impact Labs have published an interesting essay on Five Myths [...]
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Three Races: Aging, Space, and AI

    There are many technological races taking place right now. Three of them have been fairly regular topics of discussion on this show: The Space Race The Race Against Aging The AI Race Which of these [...]
  • Exploring Possibilities

    What Can We NOT Rule Out?

    Is humanity the first technological species to exist in this solar system (or even on this planet?) The quick and easy answer is yes, but maybe we don’t know that for sure. Prior Indigenous Technological [...]
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Turn Up the Funny

by Phil in Podcasts 0

Flipping our emotional switches, Part 2 We are getting closer to identifying the individual emotional switches in the brain. What might this imply for future strategies for managing our emotions? If we are now getting [...]
  • How Old Are You, Really?

    Phil and Stephen discuss how artificial intelligence might help to add years to our lives. AI Scientists Via Their ‘Aging Clock’ May Have Discovered How To Rewind Our Biological Clocks A group of scientists who [...]
  • Outlawyering the Lawyers

    Whose jobs are the robots going to take away? It doesn’t look like lawyers are safe… An AI just beat top lawyers at their own game Feb 25, 2018 A new study, conducted by legal [...]
  • Black Panther and Other Geeky Stuff

    Phil and Stephen doing some serious geeking out over Black Panther and other topics. It’s a smorgasbord of nerd! Black Panther — most awesome movie ever made? Belated thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume [...]
  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018 Part 2

    Phil and Stephen continue discussing the MIT Technology Review list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018. In part 2, we look at: Babel Fish Earbuds Zero-Carbon Natural Gas Perfect Online Privacy Genetic Fortune-Telling Materials’ Quantum [...]
  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018 Part 1

    Phil and Stephen discuss the MIT Technology Review list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2018. In part 1, we look at: 3-D Metal Printing Artificial Embryos Sensing City AI for Everybody Dueling Neural Networks What [...]
  • Welcoming Our Mutant Crayfish Overlords

    Phil and Stephen discuss major disruptions in biotech — and in biology! New Pill Kills the Flu Virus in 24 Hours The Shionogi compound and Tamiflu take around the same time to entirely contain flu [...]
  • School Daze: Alternative Approaches to Education

    Phil and Stephen discuss massive disruptions taking place in education. What students know that experts don’t: School is all about signaling, not skill-building Is it possible that students are on to something? There is a [...]