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    Accelerating Tech

    Get Used to It: Robots Are Smarter than Us

    Has machine intelligence overtaken human intelligence, or will it do so shortly? Phil and Stephen examine recent news stories that may provide some answers. Insurance Companies Are Now Offering Discounts if You Let Your Tesla [...]
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    Accelerating Tech

    AI in Medicine

    Phil and Stephen review a series of articles from MIT Technology Review  showcasing progress in artificial-intelligence driven medicine Can AI Keep You Healthy? ICX wants to capture more data about your body than has ever [...]
In the Spotlight

What Happens When We Conquer Aging?

by Phil in Exploring Possibilities 0

Phil and Stephen discuss some of the broader social implications associated with ending aging. Aging Expert: The First Person to Live to 1,000 Has Already Been Born According to the United Nations, the population of [...]
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    Peak Electricity and the Future of Power

    Futurist Thomas Frey joins Stephen Gordon in a discussion of issues related to the future of power. We seem to consuming less electricity than we were before. Will the trend hold up? And where will [...]
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    The Future for Better or Worse

    Phil and Stephen add a positive spin to some otherwise gloomy future scenarios. Richard Dawkins: A.I. Might Run the World Better Than Humans Do Will A.I. take us over, and one day look back on [...]
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    Unexpected (and Amazing) Breakthroughs

    Phil and Stephen review some truly surprising developments in science and technology. Google Brain chief: AI tops humans in computer vision, and healthcare will never be the same “In 2011 their error rate was 26 [...]
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    Kids These Days? Social Overload Meets New Realities

    Phil and Stephen look at growing unease about the impact of social media and the ever-widening chasm between the generations. I used to think social media was a force for good. Now the evidence says [...]
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    Don’t Fear Technology

    We conclude our three-part interview with novelist and futurist PJ Manney discussing her new book, (ID)entity. Here’s part 1. Here’s part 2. Topics include: Why a fearful approach is the worst approach to take — [...]
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    Attack of the Fembots!

    Phil and Stephen continue their discussion with bestselling author PJ Manney about her new book (ID)entity. (Listen to Part 1 here.) Topics include: Equifax and security Would anyone believe this story if it were fiction? What consideration [...]
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    PJ Manney and (ID)entity

    Bestselling author PJ Manney joins Phil and Stephen for part one of a three-part interview discussing her new novel (ID)entity. In the guise of political revolutionary Thomas Paine, bioengineer Peter Bernhardt brought down the corrupt and [...]