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    Accelerating Tech

    Fusion, Space on the Cheap, and Becoming Aquaman

    Phil and Stephen kick off a special series of shows for Thanksgiving week. We’re calling it the good-news-a-palooza. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week the World Transformed will be a No Buzzkill Zone as [...]
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    Exploring Possibilities

    Reality Sandwich

    Phil and Stephen discuss the Hard Problem of Reality. Our notion of what’s real is increasingly being challenged by new technologies like AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) as well as algorithm-driven social sites [...]
In the Spotlight

Foresight Visions, Part 1 — Existential Hope

by Phil in Exploring Possibilities 0

Phil, Stephen, and PJ welcome Christine Peterson and Allison Duettmann for a two-part discussion on what’s new with the Foresight Institute and what’s going to be happening at the upcoming Foresight Vision Weekend  December 2-3. [...]
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    Beyond the Twitter Decade

    10 years ago Twitter was barely a thing used by a very small group of geeks. Today it’s a cornerstone of how our society communicates. (The President’s tweets alone…) Phil and Stephen discuss early-stage technologies [...]
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    The Trouble with AI

    Phil and Stephen discuss the chances that super-smart AI might be upon us and the risks we face even if it isn’t. Plus what do we do about the fact that when it comes to [...]
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    Living Forever (If They Let Us)

    Phil and Stephen discuss progress in anti-aging treatments and the role that regulations play in making treatments available. Can Science Reverse Aging? Jose Cordeiro: In 30 years, I will be younger than today Telomere shortening: [...]
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    Anywhere in Four Hours

    Phil and Stephen discuss the eclipse, the top scientific discoveries of the year, a new spacesuit from SpaceX, and the airplane that may take us anywhere we want to go…in just four hours. The 10 [...]
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    A List of Lists of Positive Developments

    Phil and Stephen work through three lists of positive developments and the forces that are driving them. […]

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    Recalibrating the Possible

    Phil, Stephen, and Michael D. discuss new technologies (and ideas for new technologies) that push the limits of the possible. A good example of something that’s possible: Sequencing the Woolly Mammoth genome. Examples of technologies [...]
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    Exploring the Hype Cycle

    Phil and Stephen explore emerging technologies using the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle as a frame of reference. What’s new? What’s long gone but due for a comeback? And what’s so new it’s not yet even [...]