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  • Exploring Possibilities

    Elon-Scapades Part 1

    What is up with Elon Musk? In this show, recorded right before Musk was fired as Chairman of Tesla, Phil and Stephen work through the timeline of events leading up to his dismissal. Has Musk [...]
  • Fast Forward

    Data Convergence: Back to the Future

    Businesses today work with massive volumes of data in a confusing array of types and structures. Any tolerance that businesses (or their customers) may have once had for data bottlenecks and wait times is long [...]
  • Exploring Possibilities

    Go Where the Land Is

    The world population is moving into cities. Will we all fit? Phil and Stephen discuss what to do when the land runs out In Hong Kong, Humankind Moves Back Into Caves Hong Kong has the [...]
  • Entertainment

    Waiving the Flag

    Phil and Stephen discuss First Man. Was “Waiving” the American flag the right choice? New Film About Neil Armstrong Omits  American Flag From Moon Landing Hollywood star Ryan Gosling, who portrays Armstrong in the movie, [...]
  • Exploring Possibilities

    The Man Who Saved the World

    Phil and Stephen discuss the signficicance of one man’s action (or rather inaction) 35 years ago. Did Stanislav Petrov save the world Stanislav Petrov, ‘The Man Who Saved The World,’ Dies At 77 Stanislav Petrov [...]
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Ready for Great Future (Part 2)

by Phil in Abundance Comments Off on Ready for Great Future (Part 2)

Part 2 A World of Abundance Phil and Stephen wrap up their week with special guest John Palmer with a discussion of where the next big positive changes may be coming from. John outlines major [...]
  • New Capabilities, New Risks

    New technologies bring unintended consequences and often unexpected risks. A new method of treatment introduces a whole new category of risk: Could genome sequencing in healthy persons create “sick patients for life”?  It was also [...]
  • Adjacent Realities: Crossing the Line

    We are all realized possibilities. Before you existed, before you became a part of reality, you were a possibility — and a very remote possibility at that. As we have explored in earlier posts and [...]
  • Adjacent Realities: The Big Lie

    When talking about the possible, we must from the outset confront the big lie that all too often accompanies it. Unlike many big lies, this one is not always offered with an intent to deceive. [...]
  • Adjacent Realities: The Fourth Wall

    Most of us like to think that reality is something that human beings can comprehend. And, more to the point, we tend to think that we personally are among those who have a pretty good [...]
  • Is Something Killing All the Aliens?

    Is it possible that we never met any aliens because somebody killed them all? Or might it be that one day WE will kill them all? Aliens Are Real, But Humans Will Probably Kill Them [...]
  • Is Social Media Killing Us?

    Is social media killing us? If so, how do we fix it? Correlation is not causation, but still there is a huge correlation between rising depression rates and the ascendancy of social media. For example, [...]
  • Closer Than We Think

    Are breakthrough technologies progressing faster than we think? Phil and Stephen review three recent news items that indicate they may be. Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought Siphoning carbon dioxide [...]