10 Years in the Future

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Phil and Stephen’s collaboration. This week they look back over a decade of tracking the future.

Here’s a small sample of what were talking about 10 years ago:

Success: Memes or Materials? |  Still Number One! |  Pop Quiz! |  There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea |  Affordable Beauty |  No Matter What, He’s Wrong |  The Next Ten Years: Some Speculations |  A Fisking Too Vigorous |  Going the Way of the Slide Rule |  Energy Punditry 101 |  Encyclopedia Galactica |  War of the Worlds II |  Here’s a Trend… |  The Future of Wealth |  10 Predictions |  Bursting the Wi-Fi Bubble |  Our First Attempt at Global Warming |  Tiny Cameras Everywhere |  Now That the Idea Has Been Killed |  Wanna Bet? |  The Most Powerful Force? |  Navigating Possibility Space |  Seven Questions About the Future |  Man on the Run |  What Should Have Been |

So what has changed most in the intervening decade? What are the biggest surprises? And what is yet to come?

Tune in and explore

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