The Robots: Taking Our Jobs, Writing Our Books, Treating Our Illnesses

Phil and Stephen continue their analysis of Thomas Frey’s 72 stunning things in the future that will be common ten years from now that don’t exist today
this time adding their own analysis and scenarios around AI.

Best selling biographies written by artificial intelligence.
Legal documents written by artificial intelligence.
AI-menu selection, based on diet, for both restaurants and at home.
Full body pet scanners with instant AI medical diagnosis.
AI selection of movies and television shows based on moods, ratings, and personal preferences.
Much like the last item, AI music selection will be based on moods, ratings, and musical tastes.
AI sleep-optimizers will control all of the environmental factors – heat, light, sound, oxygen levels, smells, positioning, vibration levels, and more.
AI hackers. Sooner or later someone will figure out how to use even our best AI technology for all the wrong purposes.

Phil adds — true conversational ui/computers that understand language


Escape room in a box: “Escape the Room” Mystery at the Stargazer’s Mansion

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