Looking to the Far Future, Best of TWT

This program first aired April 7, 2008.]

Phil, Stephen, and Michael D. discuss the distant future.Slide1


  • Here’s the complete text of the H.G. Wells classic, The Time Machine.
  • How will the MOSH (“mostly original substrate humans” – which means normal, unenhanced humans) fair in the future? Phil has published some thoughts.
  • Michael Darling shares that the Star Trek:TNG episode “Ship in a Bottle” is his favorite.
  • Stephen is impressed with his new iPod Touch. In addition to being a music/movie player, it’s a wifi device. You can download music directly from iTunes without a computer. It’s got a direct link to Youtube and google maps. You can get your email. It’s the iPhone without the phone.
  • Stephen believes that the best answer to the Fermi Paradox is that we are, probably, the only intelligent life in this galaxy. George Dvorsky has a great blog post on the subject.
  • On the other hand, Phil may have found extraterrestrial life in his own backyard.

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