Mammal-Free Diets and Soylent Green: Future Ethics, Best of TWT

Slide1[This show first aired 4/14/2008]


Yuri’s night.

[Correction: Gagarin was married to Valentina Goryacheva, not Valentina Tereshkova. ]

  • Tales of the Paranormal: “Mutants live in the underworld of Moscow.”
  • Phil is six months into his “No Mammals” diet. This is an ethical decision on his part.
  • Stephen points out that low carb dieting would be incredibly hard without meat.
  • Stephen agreed to try a mammal-free low carb diet and exercise program. But he suspects he will get tired of chicken and fish.
  • We marked the passing of Charlton Heston with a quote from a certain dystopian sci-fi movie.Phil quoted Michael Anissimov:

    …everyone will be a vegan soon, if for nothing else, that in vitro meat will be better and cheaper.

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