Affordable Health Care: What Will REALLY Work

Slide1Phil and Stephen explore the role technology may play in making healthcare more abundant and affordable.

Scientists May Have Found A Way To Regenerate Our Teeth

The King’s College researchers put the enzyme inhibitoron biodegradable collagen sponges, stuck them in subjects’ teeth where cavities had formed and found they healed up without the need for any drilling or filling.

First FDA Approval For Clinical Cloud-Based Deep Learning In Healthcare

The first FDA approval for a machine learning application to be used in a clinical setting is a big step forward for AI and machine learning in healthcare and industry as a whole.

Two Infants Treated with Universal Immune Cells Have Their Cancer Vanish

“What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash”? Everybody, Especially Patients, Wins

The lucrative field of medicine gets demystified, prices go down, services go up, and everybody except insurance companies come out ahead.