Are Things Getting Worse?

Phil and Stephen discuss evidence that things might not be improving as quickly as we would like. And why we might tend to see things as getting worse even if that’s not the case.

The Toxoplasma of Rage

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Expects the World to Experience Decades of ‘Pain’

“In the next 30 years, the world’s pain will be much greater than its happiness,” Ma told a Chinese entrepreneurial conference over the weekend. “Social conflicts over the next 30 years will hugely impact every industry.”

The somersault changes the Internet brings will create millions of jobs, as Alibaba has, Ma told the entrepreneur conference this weekend, but only if changes are made to the world’s education systems.

Ma said that policies on artificial intelligence should work to mitigate the job losses that longer lifespans and better-equipped robots will produce.

A swarm of home-made drones has bombed a Russian airbase

Are things getting worse? What do you really think we’re going to say?

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