Ataccama: Reopening The Covid-19 World

New Generation of Data Management Technologies Can Help Monitor and Fine-Tune COVID-19 Response

In the rush to evaluate the outbreaks and spread of COVID-19, governments throughout the world have used a multiplicity of methods for recording the data. The data is of critical importance as countries try to reopen their economies, but a systematic approach to collecting and analyzing this data is required. Most countries are finding it difficult to balance the health and lives of people with what is required for a healthy economy.

There is a need for high-quality details and real-time data to feed predictive data models. This reliable and high quality data can help fight the pandemic and even help to stop the next pandemic whenever it happens. Unfortunately, most countries do not have the ability to adequately collect and process this data.

What we are seeing is a massive data management problem. On a worldwide basis, current COVID-19 testing isn’t accurate or reliable. Additionally, this data is not available in real time. Currently Michal Klaus, CEO at Ataccama, estimates that data surrounding testing has an inaccuracy rate of anywhere between 10 and 15 percent.

Monitoring COVID-19 also requires clinical data: number of patients in hospitals, number of hospitalizations, number that required ICU care and length of hospitalization.  To really understand the spread of COVID-19 also requires data that is collected outside of healthcare systems. Most countries to not have that type of data; and, if they do have it, they only have it in aggregate. That is why a coordinated approach is required.

The tools and technologies to address these problems are already in use in many organizations: data quality, master data management and data governance. And, there is a new generation of technologies that do all of that – and do it faster. With a worldwide approach to this pandemic using platforms such as Ataccama ONE, it becomes possible to accurately measure the virus outbreaks and spikes resulting from reopening the economy. With a view toward accurately monitoring COVID-19 and to stopping the next virus from becoming a pandemic,  Ataccama is offering its software at no charge to governments throughout the world.

To hear Michal Klaus, CEO at Ataccama, discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and their offer of free software, listen to Ron Powell’s interview with him, on YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

About Our Guest Michal Klaus:

As Chief Executive Officer of Ataccama Corporation, Michal Klaus has proudly supported the growth of the company from its early stages to its present success with 350+ clients in the data management space. Michal has been a pillar to the Ataccama team in the development of its flagship product Ataccama ONE: a robust, AI-powered platform for self-driving data management and governance.

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