Relentless Improvement

How do we get to the future we want?

So far we have discussed Outrageous Optimism and Audacious Action, which together can bring about disruptive change. But what about incremental change? Wouldn’t that be better, at least in some cases?

In fact, maybe the two should go together:

Disruptive massive change + continuous incremental change = Relentless Improvement

Maximal progress, it seems, requires both — a hand-off from one to the other.

Some examples:

Disruption: “We choose to go to the moon.”
Incremental: Each successive mission in Mercury, Gemini, Apollo

Incremental change: evolution of desktop and laptop computers.
Disruptive change: introduction of smartphones and tablets

Let’s explore how Tesla is a disruption of the automobile evolution in several dimensions.

Disruptive technologies:

World Wide Web
Social Media

Biggest coming disruptors:

Genetic Engineering

Which of these is the biggest? Tune in and find out!

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