Digital Reality: God, the Universe, and Everything

Digital Reality: God, the Universe, and Everything (Digital Consciousness with Jim Elvidge, Part 2)

We continue our three-part discussion with Jim Elvidge of his new book, Digital Consciousness. In Part 2, Jim explains how digital consciousness theory maps to traditional spiritual concepts.

Which philosophical approach makes more sense — idealism or materialism?

What is the appeal of materialism?

How did everything start?

What is the fundamental nature of reality?

What happens to us when we die?

What does “immortality” mean?

What new light does digital consciousness theory shed on these ideas:

Consciousness is immortal
We have free will
We are connected
Our lives have purpose
We are here to learn
We can shape our reality
Material things have no lasting value

Join us!

About our guest:

 Jim Elvidge has years of experience as a science researcher, keeping pace with the latest developments in such fields as quantum physics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and metaphysical anomalies. This knowledge base provided the foundation for 2008 book, “The Universe-Solved!,” which presented evidence that our reality may be under programmed control. His research and theory has continued beyond the simulation hypothesis and incorporated powerful ideas around consciousness, cultural synchronicities, quantum anomalies, and a true scientific foundation for digital consciousness theory.

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