Accelerating Tech

The Book Is Dead; Long Live the Book

Phil and Stephen take a close look at the reading revolution that is currently taking place. Books are being replaced by electronic devices at a rapid clip. Is this good news or bad news? Some […]

Accelerating Tech

Weird Energy

Phil and Stephen discuss two promising, if somewhat offbeat, energy sources: Genetically modified plants Solar power collected in outer space Will our future energy demands be met by trees or a huge reflective strip on the moon? […]

Accelerating Tech

Unexpected Solutions

Phil  and Stephen discuss novel solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. Monitoring the wrold’s oceans — with a fleet of drone sailboats. Treating migraines — with an electronic headband. Speeding up computers — using the […]

Exploring Possibilities

A Day in the (Future) Life

Phil and Stephen examine life in a world that’s not that far off. Let’s start with where you might wake up. From there we’ll look at where you might work and, if it involves a commute, what that might […]

Accelerating Tech

Is Big the New Small?

As we move into the future, is the trend for things to get smaller or bigger? Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon consider some interesting developments: A tiny combustion engine A huge rocket A microscope […]

Data Technology

Internet of Things or World Made of Data?

The Internet revolution is the story of an explosion of information and connectivity. We are all producers and consumers of vastly growing datasets. Our lives and our very identities have to a large extent moved […]

Accelerating Tech

Accelerating Medicine

Phil and Stephen review some interesting developments in the world of medicine: Fast and Easy Cancer Diagnoses Spare Body Parts vis 3-D Printers Curing Cancer with Our Own Immune Systems Is technology opening up a new […]

Exploring Possibilities

Humanity’s Next Steps: the Path to Obselescence

Phil and Stephen explore the increasingly complex relationship between humanity and our machines. We know that machines are performing very complex and difficult tasks for us such as exploring space. They’re also beginning to take on more […]

Exploring Possibilities

Humanity’s Next Steps: The Evolutionary Path

Phil  and Stephen discuss the process of do-it-yourself evolution, including: Genetically modified babies Curing aging with stem cells Learning to learn faster What are the forces that are driving evolution forward;  what are the forces […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Final Frontiers

Compare these very different news stories Billionaire investors looking beyond earth vs. Game designers building computers inside games Phil and Stephen ask the question: which way is the future taking us? Is it our destiny […]