Accelerating Tech

Citizen Robot

Phil and Stephen review recent developments related to robotics and artificial intelligence. Meet the first-ever robot citizen — a humanoid named Sophia that once said it would ‘destroy humans’ Sophia the robot might not […]

Exploring Possibilities

Better than You Think? Part 2: Healthcare

Continuing their discussion of unexpected and often unnoticed positive change, Phil and Stephen, discuss recent encouraging developments related to health care. The starting point for this series is a recent article by Peter Diamandis: Why […]

Accelerating Tech

DIY Gene Editing and Other Health News

Phil and Stephen discuss surprising medical developments.   After 15 Years in a Vegetative State, Nerve Stimulation Restores Consciousness Researchers have been able to restore consciousness to a patient who has been in a vegetative […]

Data Technology

The Sentient Enterprise

How can businesses stay agile and competitive in the face of massive data volumes and a growing need for real-time answers, decisions, and responses? In his new book The Sentient Enterprise, data management executive Oliver Ratzesberger, […]

Exploring Possibilities

Cities of the Future

Futurist Thomas Frey joins Stephen Gordon in a discussion of the future of cities. Topics include: The technologies, social forces, and economic drivers that are transforming cities and the way we live in them. The […]

Accelerating Tech

Peak Electricity and the Future of Power

Futurist Thomas Frey joins Stephen Gordon in a discussion of issues related to the future of power. We seem to consuming less electricity than we were before. Will the trend hold up? And where will […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Future for Better or Worse

Phil and Stephen add a positive spin to some otherwise gloomy future scenarios. Richard Dawkins: A.I. Might Run the World Better Than Humans Do Will A.I. take us over, and one day look back on […]

Accelerating Tech

Unexpected (and Amazing) Breakthroughs

Phil and Stephen review some truly surprising developments in science and technology. Google Brain chief: AI tops humans in computer vision, and healthcare will never be the same “In 2011 their error rate was 26 […]