Accelerating Tech

Citizen Robot

Phil and Stephen review recent developments related to robotics and artificial intelligence. Meet the first-ever robot citizen — a humanoid named Sophia that once said it would ‘destroy humans’ Sophia the robot might not […]

Exploring Possibilities

Better than You Think? Part 2: Healthcare

Continuing their discussion of unexpected and often unnoticed positive change, Phil and Stephen, discuss recent encouraging developments related to health care. The starting point for this series is a recent article by Peter Diamandis: Why […]

Accelerating Tech

DIY Gene Editing and Other Health News

Phil and Stephen discuss surprising medical developments.   After 15 Years in a Vegetative State, Nerve Stimulation Restores Consciousness Researchers have been able to restore consciousness to a patient who has been in a vegetative […]

Data Technology

The Sentient Enterprise

How can businesses stay agile and competitive in the face of massive data volumes that are exponentially increasing in complexity and the growing need for real-time answers, decisions, and responses? In his new book The […]

Exploring Possibilities

Cities of the Future

Futurist Thomas Frey joins Stephen Gordon in a discussion of the future of cities. Topics include: The technologies, social forces, and economic drivers that are transforming cities and the way we live in them. The […]

Accelerating Tech

Peak Electricity and the Future of Power

Futurist Thomas Frey joins Stephen Gordon in a discussion of issues related to the future of power. We seem to consuming less electricity than we were before. Will the trend hold up? And where will […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Future for Better or Worse

Phil and Stephen add a positive spin to some otherwise gloomy future scenarios. Richard Dawkins: A.I. Might Run the World Better Than Humans Do Will A.I. take us over, and one day look back on […]

Accelerating Tech

Unexpected (and Amazing) Breakthroughs

Phil and Stephen review some truly surprising developments in science and technology. Google Brain chief: AI tops humans in computer vision, and healthcare will never be the same “In 2011 their error rate was 26 […]