Accelerating Tech

Relentless Improvement

How do we get to the future we want? So far we have discussed Outrageous Optimism and Audacious Action, which together can bring about disruptive change. But what about incremental change? Wouldn’t that be better, […]


Outrageous Optimism

Phil and Stephen celebrate their 800th (!) podcast by making the case for Outrageous Optimism. Now more than ever, we need to be pushing the limits of the possible. Reduction in Poverty Will we one […]

Exploring Possibilities

The Declaration of WTF

First, or course, comes the Declaration of Independence Then we had the Declaration of Singularity. The came the Declaration of Amazing. But maybe we’ve been doing our Declarations wrong. Are we putting the cart before […]

Exploring Possibilities

Mysteries, Paradoxes, and Uncertainty

Mysteries abound. Why does the word behave the way it does? Social Media — technology that should be making us happier and connecting us is making us miserable and driving us apart. What gives? More […]

Adjacent Realities

Adjacent Realities: Crossing the Line

We are all realized possibilities. Before you existed, before you became a part of reality, you were a possibility — and a very remote possibility at that. As we have explored in earlier posts and […]


Adjacent Realities: The Big Lie

When talking about the possible, we must from the outset confront the big lie that all too often accompanies it. Unlike many big lies, this one is not always offered with an intent to deceive. […]


Adjacent Realities: The Fourth Wall

Most of us like to think that reality is something that human beings can comprehend. And, more to the point, we tend to think that we personally are among those who have a pretty good […]


Does this Podcast Make You Angry?

Shifting Realities, Part 2. Like it our not, our “reality” goes on mostly in our brains. If you contract a physical brain disease it can greatly shift your reality. But in recent years we have […]


The Renaissance Cyborg

Specialization Is for Insects, Part 2 (This is a follow-up to our discussion on Realizing Possibilities…Fast back in December. ) What kind of knowledge and skills will we need to thrive in a world where […]

Exploring Possibilities

Keeping the Lights On

Stephen Pinker argues that the Enlightenment is the key driver behind massive improvement that is taking place in a number of different areas. He claims the enlightenment is working. Phil and Stephen discuss whether they […]